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About GlamJam

GlamJam has orchestrated and endorsed numerous events, notably contributing to the Miami Tech community. Our productions have facilitated connections among hundreds of entrepreneurs, founders, and investors. GlamJam gatherings have drawn crowds exceeding 3,000 attendees in a single day. 


GlamJam excels in the realms of marketing, advertising, and branding, leveraging our expertise in UX/UI design to enhance the efficiency of your online presence. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements extends to the AI landscape, enriching our experiences in innovative ways.


As active participants in the Hi-Tech international community, we seamlessly integrate the latest trends, including AI, web3, NFTs, and the metaverse, to infuse creativity into the promotion of your brand.


Beyond digital realms, GlamJam is adept at orchestrating successful events by managing every detail, from the venue to closing sponsorships, attractions, and branding. Our holistic approach combines cutting-edge AI technology with creative strategies to achieve your marketing objectives seamlessly.

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