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Miami Tech Events 


In 2008, we produced our first event, which took place on a yacht and was a success! After that, we continued creating significant events in Brazil, all very creative, from Hollywood, Halloween, Neon, and Paradise-themed, among others. The last important event we did was the Crypto Gala during Bitcoin Conference in Miami. We love connecting people and creating new experiences and unforgettable memories.

Miami Tech
Halloween Party

Building on the success of Halloween parties in Brazil, I created the Miami Tech Halloween Party that took place at Le Rouge on October 30, 2021. I was responsible for the communication and art design, developing a deck to capture sponsorships, negotiating and closing the contracts with the venue, the DJs, and the photographers.

I decided to partner with a company that brought in a presentation of robots and was responsible for bringing the major sponsor who presented the event. 

Some of our sponsors were: Meta4 Capital, Nue Life, Ethernity Chain, Token Society,

NFT BZL in partnership with Miami Tech Life.

It was a success! 

Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 6.13.33 PM.png

Crypto Fest

I worked together with Miami Tech Life where we created the “Crypto Fest”

to close the Bitcoin Conference that took place in April 2021.

I designed all of the event's communication and was also in

charge of promoting it. 


I managed to include the event in the official Bitcoin conference schedule.


The event was sold out. 

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